Live ACO Tournament Scoring & Brackets

Live ACO Tournament Scoring & Brackets

Here a Live ACO Tournament Scoring & Bracketsa system called Scoreholio to track tournament scores, groups, and results live as the tournaments happen. You can follow these steps to view tournament information on Scoreholio:

Tournament Scores and Groups

The ACO uses a system called Scoreholio to keep track of scores, groups, and results for tournaments as they happen.

Follow the instructions below, or click the button to go to the Scoreholio page.

Live Tournament Scoring & Brackets

Go to Scoreholio Website

Go to the website At the top, click on “Sports”, then click on “Cornhole”.

Step 2

Pick Upcoming or Past Events

Use the tabs at the top and select “PAST” to find the groups and results of a tournament that already happened. To follow a tournament happening live, choose “UPCOMING”.

Step 3

Search for the Tournament

In the search box, type what you are looking for. Try typing “ACO”, or a city name like “owensboro major” or “ACO major”.

Step 4

See Groups and Results

Click the “DASHBOARD” button on the right side. Click “Bracket” at the top to see the tournament groups. Click “Standings” at the top to see the tournament results.


You can also download the Scoreholio app for Apple or Android to access this tournament information on your mobile device. The instructions provide the details on how to find and view both live and completed cornhole tournament brackets and standings through the Scoreholio system used by the ACO.

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