Download Scoreholio App for Apple & Android

Download Scoreholio App for Apple & Android

Download Scoreholio App for Apple & Android

Are you new to the American Cornhole Organization? Start here! Download Scoreholio App for Apple & Android. The American Cornhole Organization is the official group in charge of the game of cornhole. As we grow, our team wants to make your experience as a player better. We are here to help you from the moment you join the ACO until you become a World Champion!

This page has two sections: Next Steps and the Learning Center.

  • First, let’s get you started on the Next Steps you need to take to get ready.
  • Then, you can scroll down the page to the Learning Center, which has everything you need to know about playing cornhole in the ACO.
  • Need help from our great Member Support Team?

Next Steps:

Set Up Scoreholio

If you don’t have a Scoreholio account yet, you need to create one using the same email address you used when you bought your ACO Membership. If you already have a Scoreholio account and used the same email for your ACO Membership, then you’re all set.

Since ACO uses Scoreholio for rankings and scores, your email must match in both Scoreholio and ACO. Understand?

You can only set up your account from the app.

Download the Scoreholio App Here:

Download the Scoreholio App

Here are the steps to set up your account. Then, click the “Scoreholio 101” banner in the app to learn how to use Scoreholio.

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