Baggo: A Game of Tossing Bags

Baggo A Game of Tossing Bags

Baggo: A Game of Tossing Bags

In Baggo Game of Tossing Bags, you must respect the other team. When it is the other team’s turn to throw, do not talk and stand back out of their view. Only one person, or the referee in a tournament, should pick up the bags after the round ends.

What is Baggo?
Teams of 2 will face off
The distance between Foot Foul Edges will be 20 ft
Team partners face each other from opposite boards
Each team plays with 4 bags
Opponents alternate tosses until all 8 bags are thrown
The round is then scored
The last team to score on previous round tosses first
Toss again if any interference occurs
If opponents call a Foot Foul the call must be honored
The losing team has choice of sides for next game
BAGGO etiquette necessitates respect for your opponent. While an opponent is tossing refrain from talking and step back out of his/her view. Only one person or the referee (tournament play) should retrieve bags when the round is completed.


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