ACO Players Guide Book Download 2024

ACO Players Guide Book Download 2024

ACO Players Guide Book Download 2024

Get the ACO Players Guide book. This book is a useful tool to learn the rules for tournaments, how points are counted, and how to take part in ACO events. You can find the newest version (for Season 19) 2024.

Get the ACO Players Guide Book 2024

The newest Players Guide book is for Season 19, year 2024. You can get this book here:

Download the ACO Cornhole Rules Sheet

Different Kinds of Tournaments:

  • ACO Major Tournaments: These big tournaments happen all over the United States. Players from different areas compete against each other to get points that count towards their world ranking.
  • ACO Invitational Tournaments: Only invited players can play in these tournaments. Players can win money prizes and respect, but the points don’t count towards their world ranking.

Signing Up and Teams:

  • Players usually sign up for tournaments one person at a time.
  • For doubles games, teams of two players are randomly chosen during sign-up using a computer program or by pulling cards from a box.
  • The tournaments use a special bracket system where a team can lose one game but still have another chance to win the whole tournament by winning games in the “losers” side of the bracket.

How Games Are Played:

  • Pool Play: Players are put into groups. The players who do the best in each group move on to the championship bracket.
  • Championship Bracket: Depending on how many players there are, the bracket may be single elimination (lose once and you’re out), double elimination (lose twice before you’re out), or quadruple elimination (lose four times before you’re out). The players who keep winning move forward until there is a final round to decide the winner.

Scores and Rankings:

  • Teams get points based on how far they make it in each part of the tournament.
  • For some tournaments, the individual players on a doubles team can earn points that count towards their ACO world ranking based on how well their team does.
  • The ACO website keeps track of player rankings for the whole season based on the points they earn from their performances in tournaments.

More Information:

  • The Players Guide book also has rules about the cornhole bags, things that are not allowed (fouls), and how players should behave during games.
  • It gives details on how to become an ACO member, who the certified officials are that run tournaments, and how to find cornhole clubs near you.


What is the ACO Players Guide book?

The ACO Players Guide book is a helpful resource that explains the rules for cornhole tournaments, how scoring works, and how to participate in ACO events. The newest version is for Season 19 in 2024.

What are the different types of ACO tournaments?

The main types are ACO Major Tournaments where players earn points towards their world ranking, and ACO Invitational Tournaments which are invite-only with cash prizes but no ranking points awarded.

How are teams formed for doubles tournaments?

Players usually sign up individually. For doubles events, teams of two players are randomly paired together either by a computer program or by drawing names/cards.

How are games structured in tournaments?

There is typically a pool play round where players are grouped, with the top performers advancing to a championship bracket. The brackets use an elimination format like single, double, or quadruple elimination.

How do player rankings work?

Teams earn points based on their performance and finish in each tournament. For some doubles events, the individual players can also earn ranking points towards their season-long ACO world ranking.

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